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The Citadel Class of 1960 will have a "Tailgate Tent" for Homecoming, Saturday November 3, 2012. This is the Elon game, which starts at 2:00 P M. This time is subject to change, so please check about 2 weeks before the game, by contacting The Citadel Athletic Department at 843-953-5000.

The scheduled hours for the "tent" are from 12 Noon or two(2) hours before the game, until one(1) hour after the game ends, including halftime. The tent will be stocked with:

  • Luncheon type food (if game starts at 3:00 P M or earlier)
  • Snacks, dips and chips
  • Sweets
  • Beverages

The tent location will be in front of the Altman Building, which is the building located in the end zone opposite the scoreboard end zone. If you are facing the stadium on the road between the stadium and the Holliday Alumni Center, the Altman Building is to the right of the stadium. The front of the Altman Building is behind the parking lot that is to your right, when facing the stadium.

A card will be sent to all Class of 1960 members in early October, with the above information.

Please reach out to your Classmates to attend the game, and come by the tent.


On another subject, please look at the deceased Classmate, updated list, which is on this web site, The number of "missing" Classmate's is showing a significant increase.

Though this is an updated listing, it is based on the Classmate's family notifying The Citadel Alumni Association or The Class of 1960 Committee(see Jim Whetstone's e-mail address below). If you hear of a Classmate passing, please let the preceding know.

If you know of a Classmate who is having health problems please also let Jim know. We have a listing of many Classmate e-mails and when the word goes out, the Classmate will receive e-mails, cards and calls, all of which are of great benefit.

The Committee for the Class of 1960 has not decided of a format for our 55 Reunion. We need to hear your suggestions. Please send them to Jim Whetstone-


For the Class of 1960 Committee
Jim Whetstone


Class of 1960 Committee
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Blakeney Jackson
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